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Board fires starting gun on parks workout projects


Of the Keizertimes

A proposal to install fitness stations in Keizer parks has entered the sprint stage. 

Jeff Davis, a Keizer resident and local financial advisor, has talked with the city officials and representatives for about six months about a plan to install fitness equipment throughout Keizer’s parks system. In less than 48 hours, Davis’ project turned from a vision into something he’ll have to make good on. 

On Monday, Feb. 11, Davis received the endorsement of the Keizer Rotary Foundation to the tune of $25,000 over two years and approval for a $7,832 matching grant during a meeting Keizer Parks Advisory Board Tuesday, Feb. 12. 

“Thank you all. I’ve gotten so much great advice and guidance,” Davis told the members of the parks board. 

Davis’ grand vision was covered last month in the Keizertimes, but funding to begin work on a scaled-back Phase 1 came to fruition quickly. 

In addition to financial backing, Davis said Rotarian Bob Zielinski has offered use of an excavator and an employee to run it and Herc Rentals offered use of additional equipment during down time. That leaves the largest outstanding need to begin moving forward assistance with installing concrete pads. Those with the know-how and ability are encouraged to contact Davis at 541-905-5192 or via email at [email protected]

The terms of the parks matching grant will require all work to be completed by June 30. As a result, Davis has scaled back the initial roll-out. Instead of four parks, installations at Country Glen Park and Claggett Creek Park could be complete by this summer. 

Claggett Creek Park will receive a tamper-proof seven-station multigym, produced by Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems. The single piece of equipment enables users to do regular or assisted chin-ups and dips, knee raises, back extensions, squats, push-ups and calf raises. Country Glen Park will be the recipient of a set-up of high and low chin up and push-up bars along with two box stations that could be used in a variety of ways. 

The total value of the projects is just north of $28,000. However, the Rotary backing all but assures Davis will be able to complete the intended four-park rollout in 2020. Meadows Park and Wallace House Park are next up on Davis’ plans. 

“If this goes well, and we learn along the way, we might be able do more next year,” Davis said. 

He is already eyeing the possibility of an additional grant from a community program Keizer belongs to called Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL).

In discussions before approving the grant, Parks Board Member Matt Lawyer said, “Your attention to detail has been outstanding. The fact that you are bringing $28,000 to the parks system is outstanding. I think this is a multi-use opportunity for a lot of people.”