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Open letter to President Obama

To the Editor:

Open letter to President Obama:

You truly have accomplished something historic.  Never in the history of this country have there been such lying, manipulation, bribery, extortion, and legislative gimmicks used to pass a bill that the majority of Americans are against.  You were taught well in Chicago and you brought your “the end justifies the means” and “the people be damned” philosophy to the White House.

The American people are not morons.  The health care bill will have the following results:  1.)  Billions of dollars being taken out of the American economy that is in a deep recession; 2.)  Rationing of health care, since we are already in short supply of doctors and nurses; 3.) Bankrupt health insurance companies because of the onerous federal regulations being imposed; 4.) Ultimately a total take over of health care by the federal government; 5.) and finally, a bankrupt federal government that can’t sustain its debt.

I know you are celebrating your victory, but make no mistake the American people will overcome.

John Russell