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America is better off now


After reading Ross Day’s guest opinion in the May 14 Keizertimes, I must say I agree that the state Democratic party has done an abysmal job in leading the state, particularly the leader of the Senate, Peter Courtney, the leader of the house, Dave Hunt and the Superintendent of Education, Susan Castillo.

I also agree that change is warranted; however it was difficult to stop laughing at the irony of his comments.  Does he not remember this is exactly why we now have a Democrat in the White House? Change!  Does that word sound a little familiar?

It was obvious to the majority of voters that change was needed, and we should not insanely return the party to power which was responsible for the many messes we faced.

During eight years of Republican control, we entered two wars.  Whether they were ill advised is debatable; however there is almost complete agreement that they have been totally mismanaged including sending troops into harm’s way provided with inadequate equipment to protect themselves.  The casualties continue and neither war appears winnable.  The medical care provided for the wounded warriors in many cases has bordered on criminal and nothing was done to correct it until the press reported on it.  The support provided for families has also been very poor as many families have been faced with the hardship of having loved ones being deployed three or four times.  Oh, by the way, they have cost trillions of dollars with no end in sight.

In eight years nothing was done regarding immigration reform except rhetoric because of contributions from big business who had been hiring the illegals. The same rhetoric continues today.  If they really wanted reform, don’t you think they would have done something about it during the last eight years?

In eight years nothing was done about health care (read contributions from insurance companies and drug companies).

It was also concluded that 9-11 could have been prevented if it were not for the breakdown of communication and cooperation between our intelligence agencies which also happened under Republican control.

The biggest disaster of those illustrious eight years was the economy.

In all fairness there was one major accomplishment which helped prevent an even worse economic disaster and that was the failure of our former president to privatize Social Security.  Would that have been a disaster or what?

I really wish Day and Russ Walker would have helped organize the tea baggers eight years ago and they were actually looking out for the country instead of being manipulated by special interests.  Maybe then they could have helped prevent some of the messes we are in now.

When I evaluate a candidate or an administration, I just ask one simple question, are we better off now than when they were elected.  I think the answer to that was pretty obvious to the majority of voters the last presidential election and it is way too early to say about this administration.

I will end by quoting a recent Keizertimes cartoon, “Impeach Obama—Because he’s not fixing Bush’s mess fast enough!”

Mike Riley lives in Keizer.