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Just the facts

In the news business, the outlet that gets the news out first wins.  If this television station scoops that station by 10 minutes; or, that newspaper beats that radio station, it means more viewers/readers and certainly bragging rights.

The tragic death of a teenage boy in Keizer last week was covered by local media and TV stations from Portland.  There was a fount of misinformation, all in the name of “getting it first.”

At press time this week, there still is no final medical examiner’s report, so any reports of a choking game, a suicide or an accident are premature and it does no one any good to report it as any of those things.

The family of the young man must be frantic, trying to figure out what happened.  It doesn’t help when they, their neighbors and their friends all see news reports that their child committed suicide or was involved in some fatal game.

It is the name of the game to scoop one’s competitiors in the news business, but each outlet should endeavor to report the facts, not the rumors.