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Keizer police make city a great place

To the Editor:

Confident that I speak for many members of the Keizer community, I would like to submit quick note of gratitude to the Keizer Police Department.  It’s my opinion that this town has undergone numerous changes in the 16 years that I’ve been a resident, and that while it has blossomed into a more contemporary, less rustic locale, not all of those changes have been positive. Despite this, however, I feel safe on Keizer streets at all times at any hour, thanks to the officers who patrol them.

Not only do the Keizer Police keep our homes, streets, and entire community safe, they’re also friendly and helpful. The officers are, for example, to a large extent responsible for the annual Iris Parade’s success and organization. They additionally do presentations and extra activities for school children, and keep those schools’ hallways and playgrounds safe for our kids to enjoy without concern for their safety.

Having worked with Dan Kelley, for example, I had the opportunity, for many years, to observe his daily professionalism, warmth, and caring for McNary school kids and staff.  Even the crankiest students, subsequent to receiving a traffic citation, likely recognize and appreciate Keizer PD officers’ putting their lives on the line on their behalf.

The demands on police are steadily increasing, while funding is being diminished. Officers’ discretion in split-second judgment calls is regularly criticized, while their options in dealing with people who operate under no system of rules is becoming increasingly restricted. An appreciative thank you to the men and women of the Keizer Police, who are keeping our “big, small town” safe and friendly.

Carla Bell