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No home town bias for this announcer

Matt Pedersen is the new voice of the Volcanoes. He is also involved in the marketing arm of the organization. KEIZERTIMES/Lance Masterson

Of the Keizertimes

Though Matt Pedersen acknowledges his style is still evolving, the new voice of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes knows one thing: He isn’t a ‘homer.’

“I try to be as descriptive as possible, fair, but I’m not going to be a homer and celebrate a home run as if it’s the best thing ever,” said Pedersen.

This same sense of fairness holds true if a man in red gives less than 100 percent effort on the field.

“I’ll definitely be for the Volcanoes. But if it’s a lazy play or something obviously bush league, I’ll feel comfortable pointing that out. I’m not going to be one-sided,” he said.

And don’t expect Pedersen to sound like something he’s not.

“I’d say that I’m just myself,” he said of his on-air persona. “Some broadcasters will have an on-air voice where they’ll sound completely different than what they sound like during the day. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that; I’m just saying it’s not me.”

Pedersen grew up in the Bay Area and followed the Giants. He’s a big fan of Jon Miller, the team’s long-time broadcaster who also works for ESPN. Miller was recently inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“I just remember growing up and listening to (Miller) in the car. I really liked him. And I said, wow, you get to watch baseball, and you get to do that every day. I always thought it would be a good opportunity,” said Pedersen. “I’ve wanted to do this since I was about seven or eight years old.”

Pedersen will double in sales and marketing for the Volcanoes.

He graduated from San Francisco State University in 2007. While there, Pedersen did play by play for  baseball and soccer games. He’s also called games for the Savannah Sand Gnats in Georgia and for the Inland Empire 66ers in southern California.

Volcanoes games are aired on KBZY AM-1490.

Mark Gilman broadcasted Volcanoes games the past two years.