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IN THE RING: What’s your theory on the Trader Joe’s mixup, and do you care?

Each week the Keizertimes asks community leaders a question about current events.  To see more of this week’s answers or answers to past questions log onto and click on In the Ring.

Last week Keizer and Salem were abuzz about a Trader Joe’s sign being posted at Keizer Station. Then the sign company said it was a mistake. Down comes the sign.

There’s a variety of theories floating around, including:

• The sign was preemptive, but there’s a deal close

• Just a coincidence – sometimes mistakes are mistakes

• There’s not a deal yet, but it was put up to generate buzz

So this week’s question is:
What’s your theory on the Trader Joe’s mixup, and do you care?

Art Bobrowitz, Compass Rose Consulting—
Mistakes do happen. As a matter of fact I really like the media coverage given to Keizer Station over the issue. You can’t buy better advertising. If it worked for Trader Joe’s, maybe Keizer Station and city leaders should have a “wish list” for potential tenants. That way we could have a “mix-up of the week” sign. It could read “Make no mistake. Come to Keizer! We sure would like you to move your business here. We need the jobs!”

Jim Willhite and Pat Ehrlich, vice presidents, Gubser Neighorhood Assoc.—
So sorry we weren’t here to enjoy even a momentary dream of Trader Joe’s within walking distance.  We do care.  We enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s and like several of their products – so we hope the sign going up in Keizer was just a minor timing goof on their part.  Rather than assume it was put up on purpose for some nefarious reaon we suspect it was just a timing accident.  Think we’ll keep that photo and see if the combination shown appears at Keizer Station.

JoAnne Beilke, boardmember, Chemeketa Community College—
All three.  And it worked.

Warren Franklin, on-air personality, KYKN radio—
Honestly, I don’t care.

I am hopeful Keizer Station becomes a large regional attraction, but the business of attracting businesses to the site is ongoing.  There will be rumors and incidents like Trader Joes.  Until the business opens up we can’t do much about it.

Vic Backlund, former state representative—
Someone ordered the Trader Joe’s sign.  That “someone” surely is a representative or employee of Trader Joe’s.  Thus, I suspect that the sign is preemptive—a deal is close.

Greg Frank, business owner, Keizer Fire District boardmember—
Of all the problems and challenges we face how can  it be that if one store chooses to locate in Keizer it attracts so much attention and buzz. Well, let us hope it does come to fruition and then Keizer will be on the map and our lives made whole!

Stu Crosby, Multi-Tech Engineering—
Trader Joes has a great reputation and a lot of local folks drive up north to shop there. I think it would be a great addition and attraction for Keizer Station.

Phil Bay, former city councilor—
I would like to believe that there may be a deal forthcoming.  As I recall , it was also a sign for Old Navy, and I believe they are already committed.  It really doesn’t matter whether it was a mistake or not.  Only that things are moving forward, positively.  Let’s also find a tenant for the building that was previously a movie rental building behind Starbuck’s on River Road and Chemawa Road while we are at it, to keep the heart of Keizer vitalized.