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IN THE RING: Debt or jobs?

This week’s question:  What is the bigger problem:  unemployment or a national debt spiraling out of control?
Vic Backlund, former state representative—
“This week’s question reminds me of the executioner who asks the person who is about to be executed:  ‘Do you want to die by hanging or by firing squad?’
“What I’m suggesting with the above sentence is that both our high unemployment rate and our skyrocketing national debt are significant problems that need to be dealt with.
“I do think, though, that if we could add jobs to the economy, if the economy began to show robust growth, that would be the most desirable.  In other words, I believe the bigger problem is our high unemployment rate, with little prospect in the short or even medium term that this will change.”
Art Bobrowitz, Compass Ross Consulting—
“Unemployment and the spiraling national debt cannot be separated. We are not creating jobs and people have an unhealthy diet of negative net worth. From a health standpoint, the private sector is losing muscle tone while federal and local government flirts with an eating disorder. That is a recipe for disaster.
“Speaking of recipes, businesses are not hiring, nor will they when they do not have reasonable numbers as to what the government financial food tab will be next year and several years thereafter. Federal and state governments are consuming dollars that should never have left the private sector. We are being asked to support a government menu that is high in federal and state fat, little legislative exercise and packed with congressional cholesterol.
“Dollars created and spent by the private sector are like calories for the consumer. They need that caloric intake in order to survive. Government has chosen to eat those dollars at the administrative level. Tax toxicity, clogged unemployment arteries with spiraling debt, are now excellent candidates for an unfunded healthcare system that takes the term “eating disorder” to a whole new level. Stand up America! It is time to exercise!”
Jacque Moir, former city councilor—
“National debt spiraling out of control; taxpayers will not see the end for many, many years.”