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IN THE RING: On WikiLeaks

The question was:
Did the release of secret documents by WikiLeaks do irreparable harm to the security of the United States? Was the outcry much ado about nothing? Was there anything surprising in the documents?

Warren Franklin, KYKN radio personality:
“I don’t claim to know a lot about WikiLeaks.  I understand that over 90,000 sensitive U.S. documents were stolen and posted on WikiLeaks.  It appears that many individuals are now in peril because of this action.  Many of our countries secrets have been compromised.  While, I don’t agree with much of what is going on in our government today, I don’t agree with theft and illegal activities.  There are many who are saying the harm could be devastating.  We will know more about that and the depth of the problems caused by this action in the coming months.”

Art Bobrowitz, Compass Rose Consulting:
“I believe any unauthorized release of document(s) or information that can cause direct physical harm or death of any individual(s) is irresponsible. In this case, time will tell.

“I will never defend any communication entity that arbitrarily decides it is the moral conscience of any culture, property or incident and thinks they can call it “scientific journalism.” The authors of this event need to be open and accept full responsibility for their actions and the physical injury or death of anyone involved.

“Wikipedia says “Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition, or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong.” The behavior of these individuals does not represent true justice, the truth or an act of conscience. It is an insult to anyone when the authors of the alleged incident are an army private and an individual living out of a backpack and a laptop. We should be deeply troubled if for some reason these individuals see themselves as the moral compass for the world.

“Does this limit freedom of speech? No. Say what you want. I will defend that premise because it is one of the founding tenants of our country. But if you do, then you must also have the courage to take responsibility for those actions that are a direct result of your behavior.”