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Let merits be heard

To the Editor:

I must protest because Cathy Clark, despite her prestigious position as a Keizer city councilor, is out of order.  I refer to “A big box ban has consequences” (Keizertimes, Aug. 27).

To use Robert’s Rules of Order as a metaphor, what she is doing is asking that no citizen second the motion to consider big box store options.  According to the rules there can be no discussion of a motion until it has received a second and isn’t that what we have here?  Some local residents want the public to consider changes before council changes become a fait accompli and they are asking for our second to consider it publicly.

My point is that the time to discuss an initiative’s merit is after it has been accepted as an issue for the voters, after it has met the requirement of a certain number of signatures by registered voters.  To argue the merits of an issue before it even qualifies for a vote is, in my opinion, the same as trying to stifle public opinion.  Anyone that signs the petition at this point is saying, ‘Hey community, let’s talk publicly about the pros and cons, then vote.  Let’s vote on the issue, not whether to talk about the issue.’

Roy Duncan