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Let the people decide

To the Editor:

If the Keep Keizer Livable group gets the size restriction for retail stores in Keizer on the ballot it will also be a referendum on the Urban Growth Boundary debate, the Mayor and Cathy Clark.  What started off as  “No Wal-Mart in My Neighborhood” turned out to be something much larger.

Mayor Christopher and Councilor Clark made their views very clear in articles they wrote in local newspapers. It appears they want to deny the voters in Keizer a chance to have a say in the city’s future. The mayor listed several big box stores that require more than 65,000 square feet of space. The mayor was also quick to point out the cost of the election. She said it will cost $20,000. This price may be correct if the initiative is the only measure on a ballot. The actual cost may be less to Keizer residents.

The Urban Growth Boundary is going to be a large issue in the near future. During the visioning exercise that many Keizer citizens attended, the question about Keizer growth came up. Many people stated they enjoyed the small town feeling that is Keizer. Unfortunately, Keizer is not a small town and will have to grow and have two high schools. The question is: What type of growth do we want? Having a vote on our future is democracy in action. I would rather have voters decide our future and not just the city council. Although the council members try to make  correct decisions, sometimes they are wrong.

Bill Quinn