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Think before signing

To the Editor:

I am outraged, indignant, and mad.  In the past week I have seen a few articles in the papers, one of the articles stated Keep Keizer Livable (KKL) received $1,000 from two different unions.  Keep Keizer Livable is being NIMBY (not in my back yard) about this big box store.  I can’t imagine that the crimes that the large retail stores are supposedly to bring will outweigh the amount of jobs and resources that would bring.  Let’s think about this for a minute.

To build this large building it would require a large contractor probably with unionized workers.   Some will bring their lunches but others will eat at fast food joints—revenue to the eateries.

The contractor will need to bring equipment with them and building materials.  They will most likely get some of the materials locally to reduce building cost.   Money will go to the local building material vendors.

Trucks will be rumbling by which require fuel adding more money with fuel taxes, the workers’ personal vehicle may need to be repaired locally so more money to the local shops and fueling stations .

Taxes on a lot will be less than taxes on retail store—revenue to Marion County and the city of Keizer reducing the burden to the other taxpayers.

Depending on the store, jobs will be created.  If it’s a chain store maybe some will be transferred so the need to get housing will bring in revenue, not to mention that some of the workers will be eating at the local fast food vendors so more money to the eateries and money to the housing industries.

Let’s say voters approve this crazy notion, and in eight years Bass Pro Shop, looking to expand into Oregon, wants to build a store big enough to have a couple different lines of boats, ATVs, and an indoor archery range and become the flagship in the west with 212,000 square foot retail center and its international call center, guaranteeing 1,000 jobs overall.  And Bass Pro wants to build its new flagship store in the mid-Willamette Valley to better serve the entire state.   The president and his crew peruse the area and fall in love with Keizer.   Keizer City Council have a big party with the visitors and say we would love to have your store here, but…it can only be 65,000 square feet.

Going back to the article that named AFL-CIO and UFCW and Keeping Keizer Livable trying to get this initiative on a ballot—that’s nuts.  Let’s spend money we need to use in other places to ask voters to kill more jobs—that’s shameful.  Think clearly before putting pen to petition.

Matt Peck