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Writer got it wrong

To the Editor:

Re: Curt McCormack’s letter to the editor (“Signature gathering is not an election”, Keizertimes, Sept. 3), Mr. McCormack states “What the initiative does is limit the size of a retail building to 65,000 square feet in the mixed use areas.”  This is not true.

The actual text of the initiative is “no retail building larger than 65,000 square feet, including indoor space and outdoor and temporary display space, shall be permitted in the City of Keizer outside of the area identified in the City of Keizer, Keizer Station Plan as Area A of Keizer Station…”

This is not an insignificant distinction.  The initiative language clearly bans large retail buildings everywhere in Keizer (outside Keizer Station Area A), not just in property zoned as mixed use.  Jane Mulholland confirmed this was the intent of the petitioning group, when she reiterated it would apply to areas of future growth in Keizer, as well.

While I disagree with the objectives of the petitioning group, no one disputes the right to conduct the petition drive.  However, voters should make decisions based on accurate information.  Additionally, there is a financial cost to the city if this petition makes it to a ballot.  I would rather use those funds for parks maintenance and police officers, than conducting an election on a land use issue that would be to the detriment of the city.

Brandon Smith

Smith is a Keizer city councilor.