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IN THE RING: Do you support keeping in place lowered tax rates for $250,000-plus earners?

Each week the Keizertimes asks community leaders a question about current events.  To see more of this week’s answers or answers to past questions log onto and click on In the Ring.

This week’s question: Do you support keeping in place lowered tax rates for $250,000-plus earners? If so, should Republicans take an all-or-nothing approach to keeping lower rates for high earners?

Vic Backlund, former state reprentative—
I believe that the Bush tax cuts should be retained for all levels of wage earners.  I personally think there is too much emphasis on singling out the wealthy for tax increases.

I say that because the well-to-do are generally the ones who create jobs, who start new businesses, who contribute the most to charities, among other things.  I also think the tax cuts should be made permanent because the current uncertainty inhibits the climate for investments and that is not a good thing; should the tax cuts be retained, uncertainty would be eliminated and thus I believe that the economy would be stimulated.

However, if there aren’t enough votes in Congress to retain in full the Bush tax cuts, then I would support raising the limit from $250,000 to $1 million”

Roy Duncan, retired Oregon state analyst—
Whether to keep the Bush tax (cut) rates or to banish them is the question and one party is trying to turn it into a class issue.  To find the answer one must only ask, are there too many people unemployed.  When was the last time you observed the creation of new jobs by poor people?

If you want employment to increase then, along with some other things the current administration is failing to do, you must allow employers to keep some of their money so they can invest and grow.

This should not be a partisan issue.  My most favorite recent Democratic President, John F. Kennedy knew that so why is now made out to be a class issue?

Phil Bay, former city councilor—
I do not support lower tax rates for those earning over $250,000.  I also do not see the problem as a political party problem, but rather as a government spending problem that is totally out of control, and seems to be getting worse every year.

Warren Franklin, KYKN personality—
The bottom line is business owners can either pay taxes or hire another employee, but most of the time can’t do both.  The simple act of taxing high income individuals takes money out of the economy and puts it into government.  Government has no brake when it comes to spending, only a gas pedal.  The best way to turn our economy around is lower taxes on everyone and allow small and mid-sized businesses to grow and eventually hire more people.  Government taxing and spending is not a solution to our problems.