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Cooler heads, put still hot

Candidates of the Tea Party were successful in primaries across the country this year.  Angry voters rejected sitting senators such as Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Bill Bennett in Utah and denying long-time Delaware Congressman Mike Castle the nomination for the Senate against Christine O’Donnell who reflected the anger of her state’s GOP voters.

A lack of raucous Tea Party demonstrations should be taken as approval by Oregon voters though.  Oregon voters have as much to be angry about as those in any other state.

Our state’s unemployment rate remains stubbornly high; our state budget is dangerously out of whack.  Citizens feel helpless in the face of a myriad of troubles they can’t control.

All candidates running for office at every level need to address the citizens and the voters and offer some solutions rather than the same old campaigns filled with attacks and platitudes.  Yes, we know that Oregon needs jobs. What are you going to do about it Mr./Ms. Candidate?

This year Oregon candidates shouldn’t be lulled into a sense of complacency just because there are no demonstrations outside their doors.