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Harmful bureaucracy indeed

To the Editor:

I read Chris Peyton’s guest opinion in  the Keizertimes (‘Think of effect of a big box ban,’ Sept. 24).

The last two words of his column struck a note with me: harmful bureaucracy. To me the harmful bureaucracy is the mayor and city council’s change of mixed use from what it had been. I am one of many that signed a petition (banning big box retail stores outside Area A in Keizer Station) because a lot of changes have been done over the years with no thought at all, in my opinion.

I have yet to see any improvement with traffic but they let a very large apartment complex go in on River Road not far from The Meadows. They can get money to put new landscaping and statues but no money to put bus turnouts on River Road or upgrading traffic signals.

I am very much for slow growth or no growth until the city gets back to basics and get caught up. Citizens have a right to try to correct what they see as wrong, if you are not for the petition don’t sign it and if it is on the ballot then vote no, that is your choice. I think Peyton thinks all bureaucracy is bad, so let him put the fox in charge of the henhouse, that is what you get too often with a laissez faire system.

Everyone has a right to an opinion, it’s just an opinion.  My opinion of what is wrong with the council: You can take a person out of Southern California but you can not take Southern California out of the person,  thus some of the problems we face when try to turn Oregon into Southern California.

Peter DeBeck