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Keizer gridlock is getting closer

To the Editor:

Coming home from work last week I met the Keizer traffic just as I exited the freeway. That gave me a considerable amount of time to think as I inched my way through all the traffic lights between there and River Road.

My thoughts were, of course, about my current situation and how many cars were between me and my goal of reaching home. Back when the city was being formed, one of the most talked-about concerns was that River Road would become the next Lancaster Drive. How could we ever prevent that from happening? Once I arrived at River Road my conclusion was that we might not have to worry about that any more. The real concern is the traffic on Chemawa Rd. and Lockhaven Dr.

I drive through there twice daily as I go to and from work. The traffic at times stretches from the freeway all the way to River Road. With the amount of building that remains to be done in and around Keizer Station, I can only see that the traffic volume will continue to grow.

Will the gateway to Keizer become noted for its gridlock? Will expansion plans include protecting the current businesses along River Road? I see a lot of rhetoric from both sides of this discussion, but what is most troubling is that it appears some members of the council have already made up their minds about the size of stores that should be allowed at Keizer Station, never mind the traffic problems that they will bring.

The livability of Keizer is at stake. Let’s make sure we give careful consideration to whatever size store that can be built at Keizer Station and then make the decision. And let’s make sure it is the right one for Keizer.

Chet Patterson