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Day: October 15, 2010

Color coded Keizer?

To the Editor:

I was shocked to see that La Hacienda Restaurant was painting their place to match their one in West Salem. What surprised me even more was the fact there is a color code ordinance in Keizer.

The bright colors surprised me but did not bother me as it did some Keizer citizens. When I first noticed it I said to myself those colors would be a good reference mark when giving directions and sure help in a bad snow storm.

While we are on color choices perhaps the Community Development Director, needs to look at the burnt orange house on Chemawa, east of Verda Lane and while he is up that way how about that strange blue colored house on Dearborn. When he is done there he should take a look at the Army green house near 15th and Rafael.

I never knew that Keizer was so provincial.

The funny thing is those bright colors are common in other countries.

As my late Mother would say “No accounting for taste.”

Myself, I’m not a good judge of color, so I ask for help, too bad more people don’t.

Peter DeBeck

Car and motorcycle club will show off new museum Oct. 16

The pictured Model T speedster built by students at Barbara Roberts High School will be among the vehicles on display this weekend. (Keizertimes/ERIC A. HOWALD)

Of the Keizertimes

With some grit and determination – and a bit of financial help from many friends – the Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum is close to a new 10,000 square foot home at Antique Powerland in Brooks.

“We go as far as we have money and then tackle the next part,” said John Chandler, treasurer.

While progress may be slow, the group is preparing to unveil the newest component, a vintage car and motorcycle showroom, in the northeast corner of the Powerland site. Donors and the public will have opportunity to view the new digs Saturday, Oct. 16, from 1-4 p.m. Local car collect Ken Austin will speak during the event.

Chandler is eager for visitors to see the new museum.

“Our financial donations and the cars that have been donated for our collection come from all over and we think of the museum as belonging to everyone,” Chandler said. “We’re hoping to rotate the cars on exhibit fairly often. We’d like people to be able to come in every six months and see something new.”

He expects about two dozen vehicles to be on display for the open house.

The car and motorcycle museum is just one of 15 museums on the Antique Powerland site with more on the way, Chandler said.

In addition to moving into the new museum, work is also proceeding on a new garage to host the MVCMM Speedster program. Each October through May, a group of students from Barbara Roberts High School takes part in a program to build a Model T speedster, a show car that’s composed of a motor, wheels, brakes and a steering wheel and anything else the group decides to throw into the mix.

“The students work with about 10 mentors to build the car and they pick up a lot of practical skills along the way from carpentry to metal working,” Chandler said. To date, 14 students have passed through the program.

“Four of the students graduated and two ended up with jobs as a result of their participation in the program,” Chandler said. “We think there’s going to be a young woman in this year’s class and we’re awful proud of that.”

Leland Spencer

Mr. Spencer, of Keizer, died Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010. He was 92.

He was born March 9, 1918. Funeral services were held Monday, Oct. 11, at Keizer Funeral Chapel. Interment at Restlawn Memorial in Salem.