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Council passes sign regs., votes to remove troublesome tree on Linda Ave.

This tree in the middle of Linda Avenue is set to be removed. (KEIZERTIMES/Jason Cox)

Of the Keizertimes

Relaxed rules on temporary signs were passed by the Keizer City Council Monday, Oct. 18.

The council must formally approve an ordinance enacting the new regulations at its next meeting, but no one came to speak at Monday’s public hearing on the matter.

They also announced a proposal to postpone purchasing new fluoridation equipment for several of the city’s wells will be before the council on Nov. 1. The move would not end city-wide fluoridation at the wells where equipment is already installed.

The passed rules include allowing A-frame signs as temporary signs so long as they are 6 square feet or less in size. The changes also reduce the amount of signage allowed for real estate: Six square feet for residential and 16 square feet for commercial properties. Currently the maximum size is 32 square feet for all real estate signs.

Further rules on temporary signs: They cannot be less than 50 feet from other A-frame signs, can be placed only on private property, cannot block a sidewalk, exit or other pedestrian area, and must be taken inside when the business is closed.

Regarding feather signs – those feather-esque flags featuring a company logo – they would be allowed as a temporary sign. Despite their prolific presence in the city, these were not allowed per the sign code.

In other business, the Council:

• Agreed by consensus to remove what has been termed a troublesome tree in the middle of Linda Avenue.

Keizer resident Roger Wedner testified the tree “has been a problem … for 18 years.”

He said the tree is unlit and a high barrier around it has caused traffic crashes for years. [MAP: 9]

“The barrier that’s currently around the existing tree has to come down because it doesn’t meet any engineering standard … if you crash into it,” Kissler said. “… It’s just a big blockage in the roadway.”

Kissler proposed a median with a six-inch curb.

The council agreed to remove the tree and reconsider the issue in six months. Wedner acknowledged some on Linda Avenue want the tree to remain.

• Appointed Ron Bersin and Kim Freeman to the Budget Committee.