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If you have nothing nice to say…

I have been watching the local political commercials on television and have been aware of increasing negative ads.

It made me question what the candidates really understood about government and the office they were running for.  I have never run for a political office, but common sense would tell me to follow a protocol in place for political campaigns.  Using the advice from a campaign manager, I would start a fund raising campaign and ask friends, family, and organizations at all levels to donate money and lend their support. This would mean investing the hard earned money I have raised where it would do the most good. Television commercials are expensive, thus I would plan my message for the average person to understand in a fifteen-second spot.

While watching television I see a campaign ad in whcih the candidate is pictured in a small window of my television screen stating “I approve this message” or the mice size print on the bottom of the screen  reading “the party is responsible for the content.” A television commercial should be able to tell me in a few seconds what office the candidate is running for, the responsibilities of that office, and how the candidate is going to solve the problems the office is in charge of.

If not solve the problems, then tell me what ideas they will present to better my community or lifestyle. The job and responsibility of those in charge of the campaign is to invest the money raised wisely.

The ads I see from both parties are destructive. The ads are more about what the opposition (opponent) have not accomplished, done wrong, or what organizations they support that is against our better interest

Wayne Garcia, a reporter from Channel 12 asked  the candidates running for governor  “Why the negative campaign ads on TV?” Both  candidates admitted the commercials were  not productive. Yet, it was their face on television saying ”I approved this message.”

My questions are:  What experience does each candidate bring to the office? What problem solving skills and experience do they have? What is their ability to share and communicate with other party members and to relate to me, the common person? The money raised and invested in negative TV ads is a poor investment in my opinion. Others would disagree with me, citing the fact I watched the ads and remembered them. This is no time in Oregon history to be playing games with my future. To the corporations lending their name to support the candidates: I say, this public support does not reflect anything about the ability of the candidates to solve my problems, work with government, or get along with others. Thus, these organizations can keep that information private and financially lend support out of goodwill and tax purposes. Can you guess who I am supporting and what measures I am approving?

Allen Prell lives in Keizer.