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Thank you to YL volunteers

To the Editor:

We would like to give a big thank you to Jeramy Williams and 13 Young Life students for helping us last Saturday with our spring landscape clean-up at the Keizer Heritage center, after the trimming was done by Brian Hanssen of Hanssen Landscape Co.

These students were: Alli Baca, Hannah Bachellier, Hydi Cunningham, Brad Dillon, Marissa Eaton, Carly Eggleston, Michael Fox, McCall Gosling, Samantha Hernandez, Taylor Norby, Alyssa Silagyi and Daniel Steen.

These young people worked very hard all morning to complete the task and help earn money for upcoming camps.  Without their help, we could not keep this beautiful landscape setting around “The Old School” looking so great.  Thank you again.

Al and Anne Rasmus
Keizer Heritage Center