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Day: May 21, 2011

Assault on parade route hurts woman, toddler

Of the Keizertimes

A Keizer man stabbed a woman and punched her toddler in the face while they were watching the Keizer Iris Festival parade Saturday morning, police said.

According to police and witness reports, a woman was in front of Auto Zone in the 4000 block of River Road N. holding a two-year-old child when a man wearing a black hoodie jumped on her back at about 11 a.m. Police are treating the incident as domestic assault.

The suspect, who “is or was the boyfriend of the victim,” stabbed the adult victim in her right arm with a small blade and punched the child in the face, according to Keizer Police Sgt. Greg Barber. “Witnesses indicated that the punch to the face of the child appeared to be intentional,” Barber added.

“She was there watching the parade and he came up behind her (and) started beating, swinging and punching at her,” Barber said.

Two men then wrestled the suspect off her back and held him on the River Road pavement until police arrived shortly thereafter.

Injuries to both were described as non-life threatening. Initial reports indicated the child was an infant; however, Barber said the child is two years old. The child suffered a bloodied nose.

Barber said the attack stemmed from a domestic incident between the adult victim and the suspect earlier in the day. But officers aren’t sure of the exact motive.

“He wouldn’t tell us anything and that was kind of the end of it,” Barber said.

It didn’t put a halt to the parade, but caused quite the commotion, officers said.

Arrested was Mario A. Gutierrez, 20, of Keizer, for second-degree domestic assault, domestic menacing, third-degree domestic assault, unlawful use of a weapon, probation violation, disorderly conduct and an additional menacing charge “as a result of threatening a bystander attempting to detain him,” Barber stated.

Witnesses said the woman, who was referred to a local hospital after on-site medical treatment, was holding her arm and appeared to have been stabbed. She refused transportation to the hospital.

“I saw two guys push one guy into the street and held him down, yelling, ‘Get a cop! Get a cop!'” said Crystele Whiteman. She said the front of the parade had just reached her spot when it happened.

“All of a sudden I see a guy on her back wearing a hoodie, and she starts screaming,” said Lori Dykema. Two men “literally took him off her and down on the ground.”