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Don’t bully the birds in your yard

To the Editor:

Re: Keizer’s backyard bullie by G. I. Wilson (Keizertimes, June 3):

Sorry to hear that you suffered at the hands of bullies during your life, but your attempt to draw an analogy of your social and ethical injustices with the interspecies avian behavior sounds like you are suggesting we bully, or with your frequent reference to when various “mean” species of birds are unprotected from human predation, kill all “mean” creatures that violate your rules of behavior whenever it is permissible by law.

Before you wave your imperial wand of death and separate bird species into factions of good and bad, it seems that most of your consternation comes from your naïve attempt to place bird houses and feeding stations in your yard with the expectation that you could impose your social rules on nature.

Here is my advice: stop bullying nature.  If you feel compelled be an avian racist and only allow pretty birds, or those who mimic your social values to visit the domain that you wish to rule with an iron ethical fist, remove the bird feeders and nesting boxes from your yard.  Allow wild things to be wild and stop imposing your social or ethical values on wild animals.

Finally, you might consider reviewing your lifelong history of bullying.  If you are imposing the same rigid social, moral, ethical values on others around you as you intend with your backyard avian Brigadoon, perhaps what you perceive as bullying is society lashing out at you in its refusal to let you treat them like one of your backyard guests.  Note: fighting back at bullies is always “in season.”

For more information on dealing with bullies and other predators, refer to the Magna Carta, U.S. Constitution, Oregon Revised Statutes, Keizer City ordinances, and my backyard.

Larry Blumenstein