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A letter to the U.S. Congress

To the Editor:

Thank You Congress of the United States!

With the lowest approval rating in history, they continue to disappoint.  Their great stewardship of the public airways is one example. In the early days of TV, it was free with a commercial every 10 – 15 minutes.  Congressional oversight has now provided us with a commercial every 2 minutes, or after every news segment – and we now pay for television – cable or satellite.  What else?

Congress appropriates funds and has taken us, the richest nation on Earth, to the verge of Astronomical Bankruptcy.  Their oversight of Federal Agencies is also a disaster. The FAA, FDA, DEA, Homeland Security – Immigration, Education, you name it. They are either reactionary and almost always behind the eight ball, or strangled with regulation and a lack of vision.

How about their outstanding leadership?  One kept hundreds of thousands of dollars in his home freezer, others can’t balance a checkbook, and others commit fraud with funds and lobbyists.  Then we have the tax cheats, even those who are writing the tax code don’t pay taxes.  These people make me sick.

There are the real sickies; those who commit sex crimes and are abusers of Congressional Pages –the children of America. Now we have the great liars and the high tech Congressman who send naked and risque photos of themselves across the Internet.  What Morons!  We cannot tolerate people like this in the U.S. Congress.

It is time for Congress to clean house and get back to moral and ethical standards. The people in charge of Congress, the Voters need to make that clear. I personally believe any member of Congress who has been there more than 10 years should resign for getting us into this National Financial Disaster. They should most certainly not be voted back in.  Their arrogance is beyond belief and this should not be tolerated either.  They continue to lie even with their pants down, good riddance!

John P. Rizzo