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Day: July 13, 2011

Gettin’ YouTube famous

Keizer Crew Skateboarders Skateboarding
The Keizer Crew is, from left to right, Justin Bannister, David Lehto, Dean Lehto, Alex Fox, Kaleb Stutsman and Parker Janssen. (KEIZERTIMES/Jason Cox)

A group of local teens is aiming for fame – or maybe just some fun – with a camcorder and their skateboards.

Dubbed The Keizer Crew, they’ve got some 40 videos on YouTube of thrills, spills and laughs on four wheels.

Ranging in ages from 12-16, they take the bus all around Salem-Keizer looking for somewhere to skate. Their favorite place to go? Keizer Station, whether the security guards there like it or not.

“Keizer Station is our skate park,” said Alex Fox, who at 16 is the group’s elder statesman.

“Some people don’t even work there and they tell us to leave,” added Justin Bannister, 13.

They pretty well all agree David Lehto, 14, is the best skater in the group. Bannister is the videographer who sold his Playstation 3 and an iPod Touch to buy a camcorder, fish eye lens and a grip designed to hold the camera close to the ground.

“You can hold it low to the ground and it points up so you can film the whole body,” said David Lehto.

His younger brother Dean, 12, says their ideal skate spots include stairs with no bumps or cracks in front.

Other Keizer Crew skaters include Parker Janssen and Kaleb Stutsman, both 13.

To find them on YouTube search for “The Keizer Crew.”