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Day: December 16, 2011

It’s not the holidays without a few stains

A Box of Soap

The Christmas experience is a little like the “Groundhog Day” movie.  Or, I imagine it is – I haven’t actually seen the movie.   Each year we are freshly surprised at how time compresses in the approach of Christmas Day.  In this year that we vowed to get everything done ahead of time, we still have some stuff to do.

We are ahead of the game at least in one category.  We have had our first small-scale calamity.  Last night, after stringing the lights on our tree, I saw it as my duty to vacuum up the debris/needles dropped in the process.  Visibility is poor under the tree so it shouldn’t seem surprising that I managed to suck the pull-cord for the drapes into the vacuum cleaner.  When I burrowed under the tree to free the cord, I may have bumped the end table.  A full glass of grape juice was spilled onto the carpet, otherwise sort of an ivory color.

At first I was a little disgruntled, but after seeing how much entertainment it provided wife and son, it seemed kind of worth it.  Schuyler had brought a freshly baked chocolate cake with a layer of marshmallow in the middle.  A little like a 13 inchHostess Cupcake with a serious upgrade in ingredients – complete with spiral squiggle on top.  You can’t snap at a visitor that thoughtful.

Besides giving Nancy and Schuyler the pure and simple joy of laughing at the misfortune of others, the grape juice spill had other positives.  I am gaining skill at getting stains out of ivory-colored carpet.

Daughter Hannah has an even lighter carpet in her room, with no flecks of color or texture to hide anything.  Whilst applying black fingernail polish last year, (why black?), she juggled the little bottle and dropped it.  The attempt to catch it bobbled the bottle enough to Jackson Pollock a fairly large space in front of the desk – nice spatters with some heavier black blotches.   I was resigned to replacing it while she was away, so that she wouldn’t feel crummy during the installation.

Do you ever have those young men who make you nervous try to sell you miracle enzyme cleaners at your door?  Put a pint of water in your spray bottle, add six drops of miracle cleaner and no stain can defeat you.  Ordinarily you just cave in and buy a bottle so that you don’t have to let them do the felt tip pen demonstration on one of your white towels.

I hope this kid comes back.  There is no sign of grape juice on the carpet.  Not even a lavender tint.  The stuff also took gummy black marks off the roof of my car where the kayak rack sits.  As part of a rotation with fingernail polish remover and Windex, it even cleaned up the black-specked carpet.

I think Hannah will be relieved and also impressed with the carpet restoration effort.  She has been in the Dominican Republic teaching science since July and will be here on the 20th.  That is the good part about “Groundhog Day” repetition.  Every year Christmas Day is made right and complete because we are reunited.   With any luck, I’ll do something idiotic and slightly damaging so we can all have fun.  It works best when unplanned.

Don Vowell lives in Keizer. 

Good call for moratorium


In the Friday December 9th Keizertimes the editor stated the following; “The best solution is for the districts to reinstate the ambulance agreement that allows Keizer Fire District to collect the $75,000 it lost when the agreement was abandoned. Then the two districts should agree to a moratorium on the annexation issue for five years, allowing for in depth discussions on the future of both districts.”

Personally and as president of Marion County Fire District #1 (MCFD) I agree and I am willing to encourage other board members to also concur. The question is how we get all three parties (Keizer Fire District, MCFD and City of Keizer) to agree to step back from the precipice, rescind all actions taken to date and enter into a serious discussion on what is “in the best interests” of Keizer and how to best serve all the residents of Keizer now and into the future.

It would be a great Christmas present to our tax payers if all three governing bodies (KFD, MCFD, and City of Keizer) embraced the Keizertimes’ suggested solution. I will recommend to the Marion County Fire District #1 Board of Directors that they endorse and support that proposal at our next board meeting on Wednesday Dec. 14.

Time is obviously of the essence.  The Keizer City Council will need to make a decision at the Dec. 19  meeting whether or not to spend more money on another election attempt (roughly another $25,000 of taxpayer money).  So what needs to happen for this possible solution to become a reality? Someone needs to take the first step. It would be wonderful if come Monday, Dec.19, both fire districts Boards had acted positively on the suggestion. Then the city council could rescind their actions on the withdrawal and annexations. Once the City has withdrawn their actions MCFD would withdraw our legal challenges because there would be nothing to challenge.   Once the City repeals its withdrawal ordinance, MCFD could then reinstate the ASA agreement allowing the Keizer Fire District to respond to medical calls in the Clear Lake area of MCFD’s territory.

Given the bad feelings and distrust that this process has created to date, it is important for the City of Keizer to participate in the ongoing discussions; possibly one or two councilors. Here is a radical idea – let’s make these discussion more public (transparent) and involve some citizens in the process as well. They could be former councilors or whomever. Maybe someone who has a stake in the outcome and understands some of the issues, say some citizens from the various homeowners associations in Clear Lake and/or the rest of Keizer. I do not think we want the “group” to get so big that it is unwieldy but bringing the City and public into this important discussion could reap big dividends.

Our taxpayers deserve no less.  Let’s start figuring out how the two fire districts can work better together for the best interests of all Keizer residents; to maximize revenue and minimize expenses in order to provide for the most cost effective service possible for the citizens that both fire districts serve.

Randy Franke is president of the board of Marion County Fire District #1.

Proud of my dad

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because I want people to know how proud my dad, Roland Herrera was to represent the City of Keizer in a positive way. Whether it was running the chain gang for McNary football, coaching and volunteering for Keizer Little League, or helping fix leaks for people that couldn’t afford to pay a plumber on his days off. I witnessed him buy gallon jugs of water for a lady that had her water turned off. One Christmas we helped a man that had no water for a week and we took him some tamales. My dad’s dedication to Keizer flowed deep. There was always a project for McNary’s football or baseball fields or youth sports teams.

I found it interesting that on the same page in this paper that had the article of his dismissal was a story on how nice Country Glen Park is. The park where I helped my dad plant trees, and gather signatures for the path, and install a bike rack (at no cost to the city). My brothers and I grew up watching him organize fund raisers for kids’ sports and working on city projects using his own tools. I would even look forward to helping him at the annual Public Works Open House serving hotdogs or whereever they needed assistance.

As long as I can remember he would leave almost an hour before his scheduled time arriving 45 minutes early for work every day. He was never late and always worked late without charging his time.

I feel that he didn’t deserve losing his 19 year career over these allegations. I won’t say more because I remember what he taught me. Do the right thing and always take the high road.

Rolondo Herrera

Helping Roland

To the Editor:

I am supporting Roland Herrera based on my personal knowledge of the fact that he was terminated from his job of 19 years with the City of Keizer.

I have personally known Roland since 1964.  We grew up attending grade school, junior high, and high school together.  I have always known Roland to be the most honest, trustworthy, positive individual.

We both had families, and through sports in Keizer I really saw Roland’s true character.  Roland was always willing to lend an extra hand, be it a ride to or from sports for the kids, or help with fund raising.   This also brings me to a point that he is a 16 year volunteer at the Keizer Little League fields.  He was recognized for his excellence at the Keizer Little League Fields.  It is so hard for me to understand how a community that prides itself on standing together, and who can give a man who is so deserving of this award, and so dedicated to the city of Keizer, how this city can now let this man down!  He has also been given in the past the First Citizen’s award and yet again was so deserving, Keizer, can I ask you, can you give this man your support and can we do the right thing and rally together, stand behind this man and his family who has suffered a great loss in result of this tragedy?

If you have ever had Roland drive by and give you that great big smile along with that big, friendly wave of his, you know the same person I am referring to and you have to know he is missed!  I would ask that if you are a business owner in Keizer and if you have a billboard, let’s all post together, “We support Roland Herrera!”  Let’s stand behind Roland;  do we need to petition for Roland? Do we need to start a fund raiser? How can we move things forward for this family?

Terry L. McKay

Agenda 21 alive and well?

To the Editor:

Agenda 21 aka “sustainable development,” first introduced in 1987 and officially inaugurated by the United Nation, in a document called UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, issued at the UN’s Earth Summit Conference in 1992 Rio de Janeiro. Agenda 21 is the ongoing project seeking government control over living conditions; a necessity to install totalitarianism following Frederick Engels mandates. Engels is considered as one of the Father of Communism, author in 1847 of”Principles of Communism.”

In his work Engels signaled abolition of private property as the most significant measure for government control. However, he indicated this measure would only take place when means of production were available in sufficient quantities in the hands of government. Barack Hussein Obama operative methods are carrying Engels recommendations with outstanding brilliancy. Nothing is new since 1847. Barack, mystified by Marxism with the result of a crescent electorate lacking self respect and self determination is just following Communism’s father’s mandates as an obedient serf of the International Communism deeply penetrated in our society.

Engels in his Principles of Communism listed twelve measures for the Communism’s revolution and his so called “Democracy” to succeed. He cited progressive taxation as the way for the government to get into their hands, all capital, all production and all exchanges consummating finally in the disappearance of private property.

It is time for Americans to awake from this lethargic sleep and open their eyes; we are losing our nation, our traditions and our precious freedom. It is time to revive our determination to reject any attempt toward subjugation. Let’s leave behind this sad page of our history and move forward to try to repair the costly damages perpetrated by the present usurpers. However, time is getting short and I wonder how much of the occurred damage can be repaired.

Manny Martinez

Writers have no experience

To the Editor:

It never ceases to amaze me when people who have no first hand experience in a subject take it upon themselves to lecture the rest of us about their superior understanding of a complex issue. Two letters in a recent edition of Keizertimes illustrate this point.

Messrs. Burr and Vowell are entitled to their opinion regarding the-death penalty in Oregon. But until they actually are involved in the recovery of a dead young homicide victim, or until they knock on a stranger’s door to tell the person who answers that they have lost a loved one at the hands of another, or until they have looked in the eyes of a cold blooded killer and seen only hate for you and your part in that person’s being brought to justice, (I’ve done all of the above) you have no credibility to back up your opinion.

So, Mr. Burr, I don’t care about how many nations have eliminated the death penalty. I wonder what those nations felt when the war criminals of World War II were executed? And, Mr. Vowell, your argument that something less than 50% of all voters were responsible for passing the death penalty holds no water. How many public servants and measures have ever had a 100 percent voter turn out?

Both of you gentlemen, along with Governor Kitzhaber, have made yourselves judge and jury. You feel your opinions are superior to a group of citizens who spent hours, even days, listening to the evidence presented. Maybe it would have been a good idea to talk to them, to have them explain why they rendered the verdict they did.

Talk about “ready, fire, aim”!

Wayne A. Moreland