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Support for Roland

To the Editor:

When I first moved to Keizer a little over six years ago, it seemed like every time I would be in a store or on my morning walk, people would come up to me and ask if I was related to Roland. At the time, I didn’t know who Roland was but after being told many times how he was such a nice guy and how he is so willing to help out anyone who needed it, I wanted to meet this guy.

Well, as it turns out, a few years later , Roland winds up moving into my neighborhood and I finally got to meet him. After getting to know him, I can honestly say that all the good things that I heard about him were true ! I personally saw the kindness of this man a few months ago when I was digging a fencepost in my yard. In my haste to get the hole dug, I ignored the obvious and wound up breaking a water line. As I started to panic, my wife said, “call Roland “!

I called him and told him what I had done . It seems like I had just hung up the phone when Roland rolls up to my house on his scooter . He not only helped me shut off the water but also helped me repair my broken line. To top it off, this happened while he was still recovering from recent surgery !

As a retired union firefighter ( IAFF Local 3340 ) who was actively involved with and understands union policy and procedures, I struggle to understand how the city of Keizer can justify what was done to Roland. This whole process was wrong on so many different levels ! Anyone who knows Roland knows that he is truly one of the “good guys”. But in this imperfect world, sometimes bad things happen to good people.

I hope that not only for the sake of Roland and his family but for all Keizer citizens that the city of Keizer reconsiders their decision and corrects this injustice.

David Buitron