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The year in sports

McNary coach Bobby Garibay hoists Wes Heredia in the air shortly after Heredia won the state title in the 215-pound weight class. (Photo submitted by Aimonetti,

Mat Men

The McNary varsity wrestling team started the year with a Top 10 finish out of 32 teams at the Northwest Duals and followed it up with a first place trophy at the Don York Invite. The mat squad took sixth place in the Reser Tournament of Champions and set themselves to become the CVC’s first regional champions a year after the team took the last district title in 2010. The team placed 17 of 27 wrestlers in the regional meet and crowned regional champs: Wes Heredia, Stevin Urban and Levi Martinez. Heredia, wrestling at 215 pounds, went on to become the Celts’ second state champ in as many years. He defeated Mick Dougharty in the finals 11-4. “It was a matter of doing what I needed to do for each match and each tournament,” Heredia said. The team took fifth in the state, tying with Oregon City High School. When the season kicked off again, the Celts found themselves with two top-ranked wrestlers – Devin Reynolds and Jeremy Lowe – and loads of uncharted territory in front of them. They closed the year by pinning down the Sprague Olympians for the first time in 20 years. “If things go the way they’ve been going, I don’t know where the top end is for this team. It may be eighth in state it could be a state championship,” said Jason Ebbs, McNary head coach.

Gridiron challenges

The McNary varsity football team got its first CVC win in more than two years in a 27-26 win over Sprague High School. While it was not enough to lift the team over the lower rungs of the conference, Sprague was one of two undefeated teams at the time of the loss. McNary’s defense proved pivotal as the team put the brakes on the Olys’ final drive of the night. “I think everyone was doing what they needed to and no one was trying to be the hero. They just went out and did their assignment.” said Celt Joel Hunter. The freshman football team nearly went undefeated for a second consecutive year in the CVC. After a 0-3 start to the frosh season, the team won every CVC game except its final battle with Sprague. The freshmen Olys won the title 20-14 in the final seconds of the game…

(To read more, pick up a copy of the December 30, 2011 edition of the Keizertimes.)