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Day: March 7, 2012

Two apartments targeted, no one hurt in drive-by shooting

At least two apartments were targeted in a drive-by shooting at the Partridge Lane complex in Keizer Wednesday night, but no injuries have been reported thus far.

Keizer Police continue to investigate, and said it’s possible the shooting was connected with an incident there earlier in the evening.

Officers didn’t expect to release more information Wednesday night.

Workers credited for saving life

Verizon Wireless employees Ruben Trejo, Chris Davidson, Carrie Wood, J.C. Mazdzer and Austin Covell’s quick thinking helped save a man’s life. Now their employer is rewarding them with a rare company award and a free trip to Disneyland. (KEIZERTIMES/Jason Cox)

Of the Keizertimes

We’ve all heard helping others is its own reward.

But for five employees at the Verizon store at Keizer Station, their employer decided their swift action to aid and comfort a man suffering a seizure deserved more tangible recognition.

They were all given the Credo Award and named as Verizon Ambassadors. They get an all-expenses paid trip to Disneyland as a reward.

J.C. Mazdzer, the store manager, said he was most proud that he and the other recipients acted selflessly. He said it was the first time a group has been named ambassadors, as opposed to one individual.

Mazdzer was honored with recognition alongside Ruben Trejo, Chris Davidson, Carrie Wood and Austin Covell.

“We run to a crisis, not away,” Mazdzer said of the company’s corporate credo. “And that’s why we ended up being recognized.

 This isn’t just a business crisis. This is people running to help other people.”

All were on shift in December when a store representative came in the door and asked if anyone knew CPR. Both Mazdzer and Trejo did, with Mazdzer’s background managing a troubled youth facility and Trejo’s experience as a combat medic in the Oregon National Guard.

Trejo has plenty of experience helping his fellow soldiers, who may have been hurt in training drills or gotten ill. But this was his first time treating a civilian, in this case a man having a seizure on a bench outside.

“I started doing my normal assessment, checking his vitals, checking his symptoms and to see if he had any trauma or a physical reason he could be having seizures,” Trejo said.

One worker grabbed blankets from her car to keep the man warm, while another employee kept shoppers calm inside the store.