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Vote no on Measure 24-330

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask all residents of Marion County, especially in Keizer, to vote against measure 24-330 to increase the Marion County Fire District #1 (MCFD) levy to $.29 per $1,000 of value from the current $.16 per thousand of value.

During the issue of annexation of the Clear Lake neighborhood into Keizer Fire District, we were told by MCFD that the current $.16 per thousand would not need to be increased to maintain current levels of service.  The day after the annexation vote, MCFD “discovered” (how convenient) that they needed another $.13 to maintain the current level of service.  The entire annexation campaign by MCFD was built on the use of smoke and mirrors to confuse the voters of Clear Lake and this campaign to increase the levy appears to be using the same scare tactics.  All citizens of Marion County are being asked to do more with less and I feel that MCFD can still cut some of the fat from the current budget.  MCFD also neglects the fact that Keizer Fire District also responds into Marion County and receives no funds from them.

It is time that we as citizens put our foot down and tell these people that we have had enough.

Calvin Ekstrand