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Day: May 15, 2012

McKane makes it known: He’s running for mayor


David McKane

Of the Keizertimes 

David McKane made his mayoral run official this week.

McKane, whose second term as city councilor expires at the end of this year, joins incumbent Mayor Lore Christopher and first-term Councilor Joe Egli in the race. If he wins, he says he’s going for one-and-done.

“I became interested in maybe providing the leadership the city council needs to be a little more respectful of the people of Keizer,” McKane said.
He saw recent opposition to the Sunset Avenue widening project through the lens of recent controversies, questioning whether a lack of trust in local leaders wasn’t behind the protest.

“We invite people to come talk to us … and predominately they have an opinion of X,” McKane said. “We receive that information, we deliberate at the city council and we end up with our decision being Y,” McKane said, citing recent elections on a proposed public safety fee and the Keizer Fire annexation of Clear Lake. “… That tells me A, we’re not listening, or B, we don’t care and we just think it’s right for the city.”

We’ll have more from McKane in Friday’s Keizertimes. Here’s the full text of his announcement:

It is with great pride, and with the support of family, friends, and others in the city of Keizer, that I announce my candidacy for mayor of Keizer for 2013-2014. My experiences as a member of the city council for the past eight years has prepared me and has taught me valuable lessons that will assist me and the city council during the challenging years ahead.

You are indeed fortunate if you call Keizer home. Many of us choose to live here because it’s a bargain. Remember the city’s mission statement? “KEEP CITY
GOVERNMENT COSTS AND SERVICES TO A MINIMUM BY PROVIDING CITY SERVICES TO THE COMMUNITY IN A COORDINATED, EFFICIENT AND LEAST COST FASHION”. Eight years ago I began my public service on your city council with that mission in mind. It remains my priority. We are blessed with a small town atmosphere and yet we have so many opportunities in the region for recreation, entertainment, and leisure. Recently I looked back at my campaign to become a member of the Keizer city council eight years ago. I campaigned stating I was “Your New Voice in
Keizer”. Today my pledge to the citizens of Keizer is to continue the efforts to help your local government become better listeners.

The day to day activities of Keizer are accomplished by the professional staff we have at city hall. We should all be proud of the jobs they do. The city council, under the leadership of the mayor, provides the policy direction. Making decisions on the city council is not about being right or wrong. It’s about engaging in a public process. It’s about taking input on an issue, having a discussion, and making decisions that are supported by the input received. Recent decisions made by the city council have been contrary to the public input received. I believe the city council can improve its manner of governance. We can be more respectful to the citizens of Keizer, other local governments, and to the many organizations we work with.

More can be accomplished when we work together. This is true now more than ever. The battles we fight today need to be replaced with cooperative efforts. Remember our mission statement? “COORDINATED, EFFEICIENT, and LEAST COST FASHION”. As your mayor I will champion this effort.

The city council must listen in order to learn. More than a year ago the city council embarked on a journey to provide our residents more opportunity to communicate with their city council. Indeed, a good first step. But communication is only effective if people are listening. The city council consists of seven individuals, all elected by the citizens of Keizer. You should expect to be able to communicate with them and you should expect
them to listen. As mayor I will continue the journey of the city council to become more effective listeners.

I am proud to call Keizer my home. Make no mistake, the next few years will be
challenging for everyone. I look forward to providing respectful leadership for our city council and for our city. I look forward to working for more economic opportunities for our city. I look forward to working with people and organizations rather than against them. I look forward to helping achieve together what is not possible to achieve alone.

I welcome the thoughts, ideas, and support of Keizer citizens. I can be contacted at [email protected]