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Day: October 23, 2012

No good with a cue? They’ll teach you

Cameron “Corky” Kyle opened Kolby’s Restaurant, Bar & Billiards (RB&B) in part to impart pool skills to beginners. (KEIZERTIMES/Jason Cox)

Of the Keizertimes

You might have guessed that the man who started Kolby’s Restaurant, Bar and Billiards is pretty serious about pool tables.
What you might not have guessed is that beginners are not only welcomed, but encouraged to come sign up for league play via the American Pool Association.

Cameron “Corky” Kyle, the bar’s owner, said the league structure pretty much requires a balance of experience on a team to ensure fair play. Plus on-site lessons and an environment friendly to newbies can help a player grow and develop, he said.

“If you start out not being good you can learn it the right way because there’s always people teaching the game,” he said. “I want people to learn it and understand it.”

If you want to see it for yourself, Saturday, Oct. 20 is the all-day grand opening.

His bar uses Diamond brand tables, both bar-sized and professional-sized. Kyle owns his own, which isn’t always the case with bars, and he said it gives him the advantage of being able to say this: If the shot didn’t go in, don’t blame the table.

“What (players) will find when they come in here to do that is that balls go straight,” Kyle said. “If you’re bowling and they don’t oil and buff their lanes, that’s no fun. If you bowl you want to be able to hit the pins.”

His establishment between Subway and Goodwill on River Road N. represents a dream after a career in the lumber and construction industries, but he’s not new to the game. While living in Arizona, he opened a Kolby’s location near the Arizona State University campus. The bar is still open today under the same name, but he has since sold it.

“If you have a night business and kids, it’s hard to juggle, so that’s why we ended up selling it,” he said. “It was very successful.”

His business model aims for an upscale location that makes for an inviting atmosphere. Minors are allowed until 8 p.m. Food on the menu ranges from fried finger grub all the way up to steaks and pastas.

“It’s meant for the young, the old and any age in between,” he said. “We want to be cleaner, we want to be safer, we want to be inviting.”

He said the corn chowder soup has proven most popular, while cajun salmon and steaks have also gotten great reviews. The diablo shrimp – sauteed in bugger and spices and served over linguini with a spicy red sauce – and stinger tortellini, which is offered in a jalapeno cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese – have also proven popular.

They have the NFL Sunday Ticket and just acquired Comcast for the Pac-12 Network and Portland Trailblazer games.

Kolby’s RB&B
Location: 3838 River Road, Keizer
Phone: (503) 393-POOL
Hours: Monday though Friday 7 a.m. – 2 a.m., Sat-Sun 9 a.m. – 2 a.m.