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A golden offer

Bronze Planet Tanning Studio co-owner Mitch Teal (right) and employee Mikayela Arendt show off the stash of Hostess products at their Keizer tanning studio. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murphy)

Of the Keizertimes

Have you been unable to find Twinkies or other Hostess products at your favorite store?

Mitch Teal could be to blame for that.

But worry not: Teal will share some of his stash.

Teal is co-owner with wife Cathy of the Bronze Planet Tanning Studio at 5159 River Road North in Keizer, as well as the two Bronze Planet locations in Salem.

Starting Dec. 1, Teal will give away a Twinkie – or any other Hostess product he has in stock – with each month of tanning purchased.

“It’s only while supplies last,” Teal emphasized. “I probably bought 30 boxes and there are 12 in a box. I had to make three trips because stores were out. I bought all they had.”

Hostess Brands Inc. products such as Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos and Wonder Bread are suddenly valuable commodities after the company closed and filed for bankruptcy earlier this month.

“I wanted to start this on Dec. 1 so people will have them to share as stocking stuffers,” Teal said with a grin. “I hope this will be the new Cabbage Patch Doll for 2012.”

Teal said he will be strict about the one-per-month rule. Thus, customers can’t get one for both themselves and another for someone else.

“I’m sure there will be a lot of good intentions to give Twinkies away to others, but I suspect a lot won’t make the trip home,” Teal said. “It’s only fair to all our customers to get just one. But if you sign up for two months, you get two Twinkies.”

Teal noted his wife is a big fan of another Hostess product, Suzy Q’s.

Mikayela Arendt, a tanning consultant at the Keizer Bronze Planet location, doesn’t feel customers will be enjoying their Twinkies while tanning.

“But you never know,” Arendt said. “That might be the best of both worlds.”