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Coal terminal projects

To the Editor:

Everybody in the Northwest should be interested in the proposed coal terminal projects.  At Port Westward, for example, Kinder Morgan will construct a $150 million terminal facility.  In order to ship the coal from Wyoming, the project will require that the rail lines be modernized to accommodate the weight and speed of traveling cargo.  As we continue to weigh these projects, there is one recurring thought that comes to mind: jobs, jobs, jobs.

Oregon’s construction industry has struggled more than any other during the Great Recession.  With unemployment rate well above the national and state averages, opportunities as alluring as these don’t come around too often.  For those concerned about the environment. Oregon’s development regulations are one of the strictest in the nation. If these projects have any major mishaps, our state agencies will discontinue their operation.

Let’s give the middle class a chance. Build terminals now.

Kenneth Morgan