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Blazing a trail

(Photo courtesy of J&H Photo)
(Photo courtesy of J&H Photo)

Of the Keizertimes

If our character is revealed when we think others aren’t looking, then Devin Reynolds’ actions at a dual meet Jan. 31 say more about him as a person than the wrestling phenom he’s become the past three years.

The night began with Celt freshman Joey Kibbey taking on Tigard High School’s Brad Williams. It was a brief, hard-fought match that Kibbey won by pin in the first round. Kibbey was ecstatic, pumping his fists in the air and bounding back to the edge of the mat to receive high-fives from teammates.

As he reached the end of the line, there was Reynolds in a red jacket and jeans, sitting out the night because of illness. Reynolds grabbed Kibbey and wrapped him in a hug; he took Kibbey by the shoulders and offered more words of encouragement.

“I like being able to show him how to be proud of the wins. Showing my care, I hope, means something for him. When Joey’s working hard up (in the practice gym), he’s the boss. Everybody on my team is awesome and I like being that type of person they can look up to,” Reynolds said. “I don’t want to be one of those ego guys. I’m just Devin. I want to be the type of guy my teammates can come up to when they want help. I wouldn’t be where I was if I didn’t have other people helping me.”

Help for Reynolds has come from all corners and he’s every bit the athlete and contender he deserves to be on the mat, but his humility and graciousness is the thing harder to pin down. It counterweights and balances the physique that defies all expectations for an 18-year-old body and the collection of trophies and medals that would wobble the sturdiest of shelves. It comes from somewhere else. Somewhere that isn’t trained, but lived, and Reynolds’ accomplishments–which include a state and world title–are merely the outward proof of his inner mettle.

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