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City’s future is being planned

To the Editor:

Keizer is in the midst of planning the future direction of our city. There are a few more steps remaining and the public is encouraged to continue to  give their input. The city will be hosting an open house on April 10, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. regarding the Economic Opportunities Analysis/ Housing Needs Analysis. That will be followed by a public hearing of the Keizer Planning Commission on April 24. These meetings will invite the public to review the plans and tell us what they think. After careful consideration it may then be recommended to city council for possible approval. The public will again have a chance to get involved and make their voice heard. If it passes the council it will then be submitted to the state for final deliberation.

Although the city can make its plans there are some hurdles that still need to be crossed. It’s important to continue to support our city, realizing that public input is an essential component to the process in gauging where we are at and where we are going. Most of all we need to remember that Keizer is a well established city which is not going away, its future is bright with opportunities that have yet to present themselves. Whatever plans we have now should be seen as just a relatively small attempt of even better things to come.

We are always in the process of change, what that may look like we may not know, but something we can all agree with is that each of us has a share in being apart of the dream which makes Keizer what it is….and just as importantly….. what it will become. The potential of possibilities are endless.

Remember-—participate, share the dream, dare to imagine.

Matt Chappell