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Separate emotions from reality in the gun control debate


On the Wild Side
by G.I. Wilson

Since I have been writing about the outdoors for years, I feel a need to write about some ramifications of the recent horrific shooting events. What do they have to do with the outdoors? Nothing. But, guns were involved. I write about hunting. Hunters use guns. As before, some will attempt to link these monstrous acts of violence–committed by madmen–with hunting.

Guns mean different things to different people. I belong to an outdoor writers association. We have members that have made a career of writing about guns, bullets and ballistics.

We have hunting writers that have traveled the globe covering hunting activities.

There are gun collectors that literally own hundreds of guns. Many of them are beautiful works of craftsmanship that will never be taken into the field. They are treasured and admired like other antiques and fine works of art and craftsmanship.

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