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Day: August 26, 2013

Community rallies to retrofit training room


Juan Gonzalez and Chuck Barone apply a fresh coat of paint to the athletic training room at McNary High School. (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)
Juan Gonzalez and Chuck Barone apply a fresh coat of paint to the athletic training room at McNary High School. (KEIZERTIMES/Eric A. Howald)

Of the Keizertimes

No athlete wants to get injured, but thanks to supporters of the McNary Athletic Booster Club (ABC), Celts who take a bad fall or simply sprain a wrist will be getting better care.

Final renovations were expected this week in the Celtic training room where athletic trainer Jill Pallin treats athletes from every sport. The retrofit includes a bevy of new therapeutic equipment, new plumbing and electrical fixtures to make it all work and a fresh coat of paint.

“Everything is going to be great. We’re going to have the ability to treat multiple students with injuries at the same time in a variety of ways,” Pallin said. “For years, we’ve had lines of students waiting for treatment and some of them have gone without just to take part in their sports.”

The ABC held dinner-auctions the past two years to raise funds for the effort to bring the Celtic facility up-to-date.


Pallin is most excited about two of the smaller changes: the purchase of a new ice machine and locking cabinets. Until now, the training room did not have a dedicated ice machine, meaning Pallin had to make treks to the cafeteria kitchen to get ice before games and lock up the training room entirely. The ice from the training room machine will come in small nuggets that conform better to the contours of knees and elbows.

“The locking cabinets are going to allow us to keep better track of our inventory and keep the mice out of the Gatorade,” she said.

In addition to those changes, the training room is getting a low-boy whirlpool that will allow for several students to soak lower-body injuries at once. It’s an enormous step up from one student at a time soaking their legs in a large cooler.

“The moving water can be hot or cold and it promotes better healing in general,” Pallin said. “We are the last school in the district to have the dedicated ice machine and the whirlpool.”

A new hydroculator, which heats compresses for warming muscles, will hold 24 packs at a time. Pallin’s last hydroculator held only four. A new parafin bath will be used to warm agitated joints. Pallin even received a donation of a universal rehabbing weight machine, which students can use to loosen up tight muscles.

Still in the works are new taping tables, but Pallin and ABC officials are waiting to see what the budget and space will permit with all the new additions.

“Injuries our students might have played with before can now be treated so they don’t have to think about it when they are out on the field,” Pallin said.

Ed center’s future may rest on the roof



Of the Keizertimes

Just how bad is the roof at the former caretaker’s house at Keizer Rapids Park?

The status of the former Charge family house has been a hot topic lately and was so again last week at the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting. Parks Board member Rick Day has advocated replacing the roof with a new one and repurposing the house as an educational center.

However, the Keizer City Council hasn’t had a vote yet on whether the house should be torn down and started over or if only repairs are needed. As was pointed out at the Aug. 13 Parks Board meeting, replacing the roof would steer the decision away from tearing down the current house.

“The roof needs to be replaced,” said Day, who spoke to council about the topic earlier this month. “I would like to get a roofing contractor out there to evaluate it. The roof is in disrepair. It sounds like there is support for some general cleanup around there.”

Bill Lawyer, Public Works director for Keizer, questioned just what support was given by the council.

“When I asked can we do any work there, the answer I got was no,” Lawyer said. “We can’t spend any money on that, so I would need to get clarification on that. That’s a big hurdle.”

Day wants a permanent metal roof, fearing the existing roof could cause damage.

“I want to get estimates, looking at the system to further put the plan in place,” Day said.

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