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Day: September 19, 2013

Planning for future of Keizer


(KEIZERTIMES/File photo)
(KEIZERTIMES/File photo)

Of the Keizertimes

Senior planner Sam Litke figured he had a relatively easy task ahead of him.

After the Keizer City Council adopted the Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA) and Housing Needs Analysis (HNA) studies in June, the next step for staff was to work on comprehensive plan revisions.

“It seemed simple and straightforward at first,” Litke said at the Sept. 11 Keizer Planning Commission meeting. “It didn’t really turn out that way.”

When new data was added, Litke discovered some of the data dated back to the city’s incorporation in 1982 – or older, in some cases.

“Putting new stuff next to the old stuff looked really weird,” Litke said. “In essence, it became a review of the entire document by default. That means much more time than we assumed it would take.”

The EOA and HNA studies found Keizer will have sufficient land to meet future industrial needs, but a deficit of land for residential, commercial, projected school district and future park needs.

Nate Brown, director of Community Development, noted the Keizer Comprehensive Plan acknowledges and incorporates part of the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan while also pointing out issues with Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) borders.

“We’re saying the city of Keizer has rights to establish goals specific to Keizer,” Brown said. “We’re saying we’re married, but we should control our own destiny. We’re saying the agreement needs to be evaluated. It has been in place nearly 30 years without being evaluated.”

One part of the plan states the need for new infrastructure north of the Chemawa/I-5 interchange in order to accommodate future growth. An estimated $100 million in improvements would be needed.