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There should be room all viewpoints


Representative Kim Thatcher has recommended that we elect Bill Post to fill the state representative seat she is vacating.  That gives Mr. Post some advantage, as other candidates are hardly recognized right now.  If his election has an air of inevitability at this point, then we should know more about him.

Bill Post has a talk radio show, a website that includes a blog, and a Facebook page kept current.  Much can be learned.

On his Facebook page Mr. Post posted a piece telling why the mandated extinction of incandescent bulbs is bad, and introduced it by saying “Stupid government intervention kills America every time.”

At his blog he commends Republican gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson for publicly condemning Gov. John Kitzhaber’s failure to avoid the Cover Oregon fiasco, essentially the complete lack of “stupid government intervention.” The State of Oregon hired a company at no small expense to build a functional website for health care enrollment.  That’s a free market solution.  For a lot of horrible reasons, that company failed.  Intervention good, intervention bad—which is it?

He assumed an article he posted favoring gun rights would be disliked by “liberals who hate hunters, hate guns, and generally hate all things red blooded American.”  When he was predicting possible outcomes of the passage of same-sex marriage laws on the radio show, he said anyone who doubted his analysis was ignorant.  While I pondered that, he repeated it.

Another story at his blog described Dan Sandini as “a valuable part of our show,” and “a good friend,”and then featured Sandini’s testimony before the Portland City Council in opposition to the newly proposed background check laws.  His featured Sandini  quote—”Every single one of these laws stands in the way of freedom loving citizens owning weapons,” and claimed gun ownership as “a right given to me by God.”

A recent poll asking “Do you support or oppose requiring a criminal background check of every person that buys a firearm?” found 78 percent of Oregonians in support.  Mr. Post feels we were deceived because of the failure to note that this would call for an expansion of background checks.  Most of us were not fooled.  The poll was designed to find the level of support for the introduction of legislation creating that expansion.

I’m American and my blood is an ordinary shade of red.  I don’t hate guns, I don’t hate hunters, and we all get to decide for ourselves what are “things red blooded American.” The right of freedom-loving citizens to own weapons does not seem more important to me than the right of knowing they are not sold to people who shouldn’t have them.  I am a faltering and tarnished Christian, raised by parents of unwavering faith.  Nothing in that lifelong exposure made me think that God wanted me to have guns.

That is my quarrel.  I have no doubt that Bill Post is a decent man, wanting only a better America and spending considerable effort to make it so.  He is well within his rights to believe either my politics or my faith misguided, but, if elected, he must represent every citizen in District 25, even the ignorant and liberal. None of his broadcast or published work makes me think he will lend much weight to differing views.

He has indicated support for the Tea Party in his writings.  If he wins the election it will be a Tea Party victory.  I will then be taxed without representation.

(Don Vowell lives in Keizer. He gets on his soapbox regularly in the Keizertimes.)