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Post no Bills

To the Editor:

A big thank you to Don Vowell for saying what needs to be said about the Bill Post primary campaign for House district 25.

In the very wise words of David Byrne,  “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around.” There are any number of elected “public servants” whose qualifications for the job seem to be nothing more than big egos, but we could do better.

There is, most thankfully, another candidate in the primary. Barbara Jensen has filed to run against Post and though not as well known—at least not to the devotees of KYKN’s brand of babble—she is a welcome challenger to Post and his Tea Party cheerleaders. As Don Vowell has documented, Post’s views on government, guns and God are well publicized. Let’s hear more from Ms. Jensen before we declare the election over.

Martin Doerfler