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Bill Post is a good choice for D-25

To the Editor:

I have concerns about the House District 25 primary race. I had never heard of Barbara Jensen until reading a very negative article in the newspaper where she charged Bill Post with some trivial “illegalities.”

My immediate reaction was to defend Bill and to suspect Barbara of dirty politics. It takes a while to really get to know someone. I know Bill. He is a good and honest man. Barbara may be a good person as well but I don’t really know that. Bill has been outspoken in his stance for traditional moral values. I believe he also has advocated sensible conservative economic policies. Bill has been transparent and outspoken with his conservative views. We know him. He is an honest and capable man. My communications with the Jensen campaign have left me still wondering where she stands. My questions have been deflected and given pat answers. I am convinced that Bill Post as a tried and true outspoken conservative will serve the citizens of our district with integrity and common sense.

Walter Pattison