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Support for Barbara Jensen for Dist. 25

To the Editor:

Rarely is one privileged to publicly endorse a candidate for office who stands out as a fine example of public stewardship. That person is Barbara Jensen, who is running for the atate representative in District 25.

I have known Barbara professionally, and personally, for over 25 years.  In the workplace, Barbara’s work involved oversight of highly complex systems. She was always diligent, and resourceful, while modeling a strong work ethic. She has a wealth of knowledge on many issues. She has taken that knowledge and skillfully applied it in many different scenarios.  She rose to the highest levels of management where she routinely brought people together to solve problems.

Having worked in the Legislature, I know a state representative must be versed on many issues to be effective. I trust that Barbara will meet the challenges of the office with energy, integrity, and a can-do attitude. She has a sense of humor; she is gregarious; and above all, she is kind.  If elected, her constituents will be impressed with her commitment to the office, and in turn, they will be extremely well-served.

Sandra C. Herring

To the Editor:

I both trust and support Barbara Jensen to represent House District 25.  I’ve known her over 40 years; she’s lived in Keizer most of her life and remains active in the community.  She supports pro-life, gun rights and traditional marriage but is an active listener who would represent District 25 citizens.

As a former Department of Education employee, I had several opportunities to work with Barbara.   I found her to be organized, collaborative, selfless, direct, sincere and accessible.  She consistently demonstrates strong work ethics and family values.  Barbara is a stickler for process and accountability, receiving national recognition for programs that exceeded expectations.  With her 35 years of IT management experience and diligence to process, I believe, tax-funded debacles like  Cover Oregon can be avoided.   She worked tirelessly promoting Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive legislation honoring the legacy of WWII men and women.    Imagine, Monica Wehby in the Senate and Barbara Jensen in Oregon’s capital.  The possibility of that dynamic representation was the tipping point for this four-decade Democrat to switch party affiliation.  I trust few and endorse fewer.

My candidate is Barbara Jensen.

Terry Nicholson Berry

To the Editor:

As the president of a company doing business in Oregon I believe Barbara Jensen is the best candidate for House District 25.

I attended a fundraiser for the World War II Honor Flight organization and Barbara was there working to support their cause.  I then watched as she wrote the legislation for Senate Bill 832 designating the second Sunday in August as a day to remember those who participated in the victory that ended WWII.  She shepherded her bill through the Senate and the House with bipartisan support and stood behind Governor Kizhaber as he signed it into law.  She has a natural way of presenting her conservative ideas in a collegial and non-confrontational way that brings all sides to the table to find workable solutions.  She has years of experience working in procurement for the state where she protected our money as if it was her own.  I have watched our state waste half a billion dollars in the last few years on useless ventures such as theColumbia River Crossing debacle and the Cover Oregon disaster, both of which could have been avoided with her oversight.

Patrick Leamy