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Support for Bill Post for Dist. 25

To the Editor: 

Bill Post is just the sort of candidate we need in the State Legislature. I enjoy discussing issues with Bill because he considers all the options and can see the different sides.

I know that he represents my values and the way of thinking that will move Oregon back in the right direction.

The hardest thing about trying to make our business successful in this district is the burdensome regulation and taxes. All the fees that small businesses have to pay really hinder our ability to expand and hire more people. We need a thriving economy so that everyone, not just me and my business, can be successful.

Mitchell Teal

To the Editor:

I am writing to support Bill Post for the Republican primary in House district 25.  Bill has served his community for decades and has established a strong reputation as a conservative Republican.  He believes in the Constitution and freedom through limited government and will be a powerful advocate for reform.  As a journalist, he has demonstrated a passion for finding and reporting the truth about our government.

Moreover, his opponent, Barbara Jensen, has a long record working on failed state information technology projects.  Her involvement in such spectacular debacles as the state data center demonstrate that she is part of the very problem we need to fix.  Further, her political record to date has been one of apathy.  Her record of voting has been so lax, her registration was deemed inactive.  She is simply not the right person for our community or our Republican Party.

I urge your readers to support Bill Post for House district 25.

David Gulliver

To the Editor:

I have been closely following the Republican primary for House District 25 between Bill Post and Barbara Jensen. The job of every citizen is to sift through all the rhetoric in every election cycle and choose the best candidate.  This can be a very difficult task.  But the more I looked into both candidates, I decided to support Bill Post, because he is someone that I feel we can trust.

Even before Bill had aspirations for political office he was working for the community. He has held politician’s feet to the fire for five years on his talk show.  I know he stands for conservative values, but more importantly I know he genuinely cares about District 25.  Bill has coached local Little League and is active in his church teaching an adult Sunday school class. This shows me that Bill acts on his beliefs and doesn’t just use the title of Christian to garner votes.  I know Bill well enough to know that he will continue doing these things whether he gets elected or not.

Now why is Barbara Jensen really running in this primary?  Because when you look at her voting record, she has voted so infrequently that her voter registration was deemed inactive. Voting is one of the most important duties of a citizen.  And especially easy in Oregon since the ballot is mailed to your house.

When I recently watched the Statesman Journal Editorial Boards, I was shocked to see Barbara Jensen sing Governor John Kitzhaber’s praises. She says he has “great vision, reaches into the future” and “has been here three terms continuing to serve.” As a conservative Republican this really bothers me knowing his involvement in Cover Oregon.  I want a conservative to represent me and I don’t trust Barbara Jensen to do that.

Larry R. George

To the Editor: 

I am writing this letter to urge the voters in Oregon House District 25 to vote for Bill Post in the Republican primary.  I have known Bill for 15 years and know him as a man of strong principles and unquestionable integrity.

As a man of faith, Bill acts on his beliefs. Bill believes in protecting unborn babies, stands for government reform and holding the line on taxes.  He will work to protect our constitutional rights.  He works well with people and will place the welfare of District 25 voters ahead of personal interests.

When he says, “He will fight for the values that make Oregon special, so that our children and grandchildren will be able to pursue their dreams for years to come.”  I believe him.

Bill is the right choice to be our representative from District 25 to the Oregon House and I ask the voters to join me in marking their ballot for Bill Post.

Yvonne Testerman

To the Editor: 

My dad and mom came out of the Great Depression where they learned to count every penny and share with neighbors. They passed that on to me and later as an adult, God taught me to love the poor of our world. I did that by founding North West Medical teams, also known as Medical Teams International, in 1979.

Jean and I passed on these same things to our children. One of them is now running for state representative for District 25. Bill Post is our son and we are very proud to see him want to serve the people in his district and our state. While working with me at Northwest Medical Teams, he helped establish the Mobile Dental Vans that now cover Oregon and other states helping people who cannot afford dental care. He did a great job and was a quick learner in organizing.

When you vote for Bill, you will be getting someone who knows how to budget and recognize when state government is wasting our tax dollars. You will not get a polished speaking politician. You will get straight and honest answers to questions. If you have listened to his talk radio show for the last five years, you know I am right. He will bring his faith, his love of people, his integrity, his devotion to the unborn and to family values. Oregon needs someone like my son, Bill. Give him a chance to show you what I mean by electing Bill Post.

Ron and Jean Post