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House District 25 primary election

To the Editor:

I am a Marion County PCP and as such I have had the opportunity to meet the candidates running for office this cycle. As most of us do, I look for two things in a legislator: competency and integrity.

I do confess to having a dog in this fight since I know Bill Post personally, but that gives me better  than average insight into his qualifications. I can say without reservation that given Mr. Post’s extensive background in the highly competitive broadcasting industry, his grasp of Oregon politics and the issues that impact all Oregonians, along with numerous other accomplishments, I believe  he meets the  competency requirements to effectively discharge the office of state representative.

I can also vouch for his integrity not only as an avid listener to his radio show that was so informative regarding issues of importance to the state and the nation, but also as someone I attend church with. He is my Sunday School teacher and after approximately seven years in his class, I can say candidly that I have every confidence in his integrity.

As for his opponent, Barbara Jensen, I know little, having met her only once at a central committee meeting. I  have reservations about Mrs. Jensen based on her extreme lack of voter involvement, apparently lackluster performance in  state information and data technologies, and some very questionable campaign strategies  that most certainly betray a lack of integrity, or at best extremely poor judgment, neither of which look good on a resume.

Needless to say;  I urge District 25 voters to cast their ballots for Bill Post.

Brad Morrison