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Truth in advertising

To the Editor:

The various companies vying for your and my communications business irritate the heck out of me.

They make questionable claims for the superiority of their product while burying facts in print almost too small to read.  In one example, a guaranteed price for three years of Internet service is made meaningless by the fact that it requires ‘bundled services.’ And don’t assume that the advertised claim for high speed Internet service means that what they offer is better or even comparable to what you have now.  I checked and it wasn’t.  All of this is before you even consider the fine print and what may be hidden there.

And how about the lady who asserts in every TV commercial “If we can’t beat the price on any comparable mattress, the mattress is free.”  Sounds good, doesn’t it? Marketing practices are such that finding a comparable mattress can be difficult but, even if you could,  what is to prevent the seller from offering it for a dollar less or even one cent less?  I’ll bet they don’t give away many mattresses.

Art Burr