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Tow truck owner disputes issues

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File photo

Of the Keizertimes

The owner of a tow truck company said last week tow trucks aren’t to blame for problems on Clearview Court.

Jeff Asher, owner of BC Towing, spoke during the public comment portion of the May 5 Keizer City Council meeting. Part of his comments were in response to comments made at the April 7 meeting by Clearview residents Nick Devlin and John Blake.

“Trucks are parking right at the intersection where it’s not a wide street to begin with,” Blake said at that meeting. “This is the bad side of it. I was told (by the driver) it’s my problem. We have a tow truck driver with zero respect for the community.”

Blake said one residence on the cul-de-sac has two tow trucks, leading to safety concerns as there are 13 children in the neighborhood.

“The trucks started parking in the easement, which created a mudhole,” Devlin said, noting the residence in question is a duplex. “These companies need to look at where their employees are living.”

Asher noted he watched a tape of that meeting and read the Keizertimes story on the issue.

“The parking problem on Clearview is not due to tow trucks,” Asher said. “The problem is caused by several residents, but not one of them is a tow truck (operator). Trucks and RVs are parked across sidewalks. None of these are tow trucks. The problem of mud was also mentioned. That was not caused by tow trucks. A tow truck with dual axles wouldn’t be parked there because it would get stuck.”

Asher also said noise and smoke are not issues with newer clean burn diesel tow trucks. He also defended tow truck drivers being able to park their rigs at home.

Mayor Lore Christopher said the issue should be coming up at the June 16 council meeting.

In other business May 3:

• May 17 isn’t just the day of the Iris Festival Parade in Keizer. Saturday is also proclaimed to be Norwegian Constitution Day.

The proclamation came after Evelyn Moreland Bunad and Oddny Everson told councilors about the history behind the Norwegian Constitution, which celebrates its 200th anniversary on Saturday. That makes it the second oldest acting constitution in the world, behind the United States Constitution. There are more than five million citizens of Norwegian ancestry in the U.S.

Bunad came dressed in Norwegian gear.

“We will have two horses in the (Iris Festival) parade, plus people with Norwegian flags behind,” she said. “We enjoy studying our culture. My costume is authentic.”

As part of Norwegian Constitution Day, there will be a dinner program Saturday evening at the Scottish Rite Temple in Salem.

• The first week of May was proclaimed as Elks National Youth Week, to honor America’s junior citizens for their accomplishments.

“Elks are involved in a lot of areas you wouldn’t know about,” Christopher said. “They do it quietly.”