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Cow pasture on Verda Lane

To the Editor:

I just voted on the Keizertimes web poll.  My realistic vote is to extend Claggett Creek Park, Although        I would prefer it remain the way it is.  As a park, the homestead could be utilized as a museum, perhaps a wedding venue, such as Log House Garden on Windsor Island Road.

So much of Keizer has changed, keeping some of it would help retain pride in my hometown.  I was born and raised in Keizer, and am still in contact with many of my classmates (McNary class of 1976) and my siblings’ classmates.  There is something very special about people reared in Keizer—I always say “It’s the water,”  but truly, I believe it’s the surrounding farmland, the connection with our roots that makes us all so very special.

My family home was the first one built in Palma Ciea; we were surrounded by cherry and filbert orchards, most of them are gone now.  Please keep Keizer Keizer.

Toni Gottfried
Bend, OR