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Preserve instead of develop?

To the Editor:

The news about the Herber property (on Verda Lane between Chemawa and Dearborn) going to apartments ought to make Keizer residents pause a moment.

Private use of private property for legal purposes always ought to be supported. In the case of “Cow Meadows,” perhaps it’s time once again for the community to step up to preserve a core Keizer value. As society gets more hemmed in, such open space will become increasingly precious. Once it’s gone, there is no getting it back. Perhaps the wiser minds of Keizer could find a way to create a small rural preserve for this ground, maybe adding it to Claggett Creek Park.

Or, perhaps there is a way to do a little of both—development and preservation. In the end, there may be no viable option but to develop. But the community should consider the options now, before no options are available. What do you think, Keizer?

Les Zaitz
Bates, OR