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Shoreline being shored up

Work started this week on Shoreline Drive. The work is expected to be done by late September. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murphy)
Work started this week on Shoreline Drive. The work is expected to be done by late September. (KEIZERTIMES/Craig Murphy)

Of the Keizertimes

Shoreline Drive has hit rock bottom.

As such, the street is being dug up and redone, with work starting this week. The work is expected to be done by late September.

“Shoreline has reached the point where it’s not suitable to just resurface it,” Keizer Public Works director Bill Lawyer said on Monday. “It’s gone too far. The only option is to rebuild it.”

Lawyer said the road was originally built in the 1950s, though he wasn’t sure offhand when the road was last resurfaced. Lawyer noted he and former Public Works director Rob Kissler recognized five years ago the road would need to be rebuilt.

“There were other commitments to the street funds first,” Lawyer said. “We just hoped it wouldn’t get much worse. We wanted to not have a significant failure.”

Shoreline was originally a county road. At the request of city leaders, the Marion County Public Works crew examined the makeup of the road.

“A different type of base material was used,” Lawyer said. “Round river rock was used. The road actually held up surprisingly well, given what was there.”

Lawyer said once the pavement is taken off, a subcontractor will put in a concrete additive in to treat the rock underneath – much like adding glue to loose parts on a model.

“The idea is to come up with an efficient project, both cost and material wise,” Lawyer said. “We will amend what is there and strengthen what is there. It means instead of throwing everything away and starting new, you save time and money by using what’s there. It’s not a new process. This has been done successfully elsewhere, just not here before.”

Lawyer said the plan is to rebuild Shoreline from Cummings Lane to Wayne Drive, both the street and the sidewalk. The sidewalk work is necessary due to the scope of the roadwork.

“When a public agency has to do more than resurface a road, you have to bring it to current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards,” he said. “The sidewalks on Shoreline are not wide enough and don’t meet current ADA code. We are rebuilding the curbs, sidewalks and street base, then we’ll repave it. It will all meet current ADA code.”

Lawyer said the end result will be road width staying at 30 feet, but wider sidewalks and curbs with drop ramps to meet ADA standards.

Contractor K & E Excavating has put up signs closing the work area to through traffic.

“We gave them 90 days in the contract,” Lawyer said. “They should be done by late September.”